Should SEO be Left to the Professionals?

It would appear a strange question to most of us if someone were to ask whether companies need to leave sales job to professionals. Managing sales are, after all, a complex and challenging job which requires experienced and qualified personnel. Surprisingly, however, many do not seem to feel in the same way when it comes to managing a company’s SEO tasks.

The bare fact is that search engine optimization has grown so much regarding tasks and complexity over the last 5-7 years that it is practically unrecognizable now. Combine it with another unvarnished truth about businesses these days being increasingly dependent on internet visibility for their success; it becomes clear that you are much better off leaving SEO to professionals like Vancouver SEO agency. Still not convinced? Here it is, a list of the top 5 reasons you should engage the services of professionals to help achieve your SEO goals.

1. SEO tactics and strategies evolve at a blindingly rapid pace

Did you know that Google, the undisputed king of search engine space, updates it secret algorithm hundreds of times in a year? The number works out to close to a dozen tweaks every week, with many of them having a substantial effect on your SEO efforts. This rapid pace of evolution is something that in-house personnel cannot cope with. Every algorithm tweak requires a response from your team so that you stay ahead of the game. This level of preparedness and real-time crafting of strategies can only be accomplished by seasoned SEO professionals.

2. Integrated content strategy requires professional help

There was a time when churning out content sufficed as far as inbound marketing was concerned. However, that was then, and such a bland strategy would get your SEO efforts nowhere in 2016 and beyond. The fact is that your content strategy needs to be integrated with your overall SEO goals in a structured and goal-driven manner.

For example, one of the prerequisites to have your content rank high organically is that it should also enjoy sharing on social media. The devising of such comprehensive content strategy, as well as creation of relevant content, is something that is difficult to produce without professionals who have experience in the area.

3. Social media has further queered the pitch

Perhaps you already are aware of the impact social media has had on the SEO game. Companies are dashing to try and make their presence felt on social media, integrating it with their overall SEO efforts. Social media campaigns are becoming ever more complex, requiring a vast amount of planning and strategy to keep you ahead of the competition. In other words, social media, while a big opportunity for companies to connect with their core audience, has added a layer of complexity to the SEO strategy of companies serious about leveraging its power. Another reason to entrust the professionals with handling your SEO operations.

4. Google has started to come down hard on spam links

Following the much-publicized Penguin updates from Google, the era of building up links through low-quality blogs and sites to boost rankings are, well, over. Google has decided to reward content that people genuine like and find readable. On the other hand, sites that previously thrived on mindless link building are witnessing imposition of penalties that can wreck your SEO ambitions.

The truth is that earning links have now become more responsible and sophisticated where you would need to constantly monitor and remove risky links that might entail a penalty and loss of traffic. These tasks and responsibilities, once again, call for professional help who have years of experience as well as requisite technical know-how.

5. Only professionals can help you get relevant analytic insights

With the free availability of Google Analytics, even the smallest of companies have access to raw data and statistics relating to their site. However, in spite of the availability of such data, not many companies seem to take actionable measures to improve their sites’ performance. The reason behind this incongruity is revealed in the simple truth that most companies have no idea what to do with such data and how to proceed further. This points to a lack of technical inability to get true actionable insight from the data and use it to their advantage.

In particular, companies suffer becomes their Google Analytics is not configured in an optimal manner leading to a lack of access to actionable metrics relevant to the business. With the help of professionals, you can get a true picture of where your website is doing well and which areas require further improvement. Also, you can craft your SEO strategies based on insightful data instead of guesstimates, leading to further success down the road.

Key strategies to connecting with customers

Today’s workplace has seen more employees at every level promote and sell their product and services. The best way to enhance communication and selling skills is by clients learning how to connect with different customer behavior and styles. Treating others as we want to be is a concept that we have been told about since we were small. Connecting with customers should involve this and other powerful communication techniques.

Know your customer 

While this could seem common sense, if you want to connect your customer or a potential one, try to get as much information about them as possible First, you have to identify who exactly is your customer. Once you have identified them, you may want to think about their problems and challenges. What are their feelings and what drives them?

Think about the benefits your customer has in using your business. Many business develop content for their websites focusing only on their features and business. Focusing on what you do as a business may not really please your customer. Your customer may not really like it when it is all about you, it needs to be more about them.

Ask questions

In your quest to know your customer, you can take the time to ask questions to help your customer know what they are looking for. It will be much easier to show them how your service or product could satisfy their needs. Asking questions are critical to building relationships, the more skilled you are with questions, the better the relationship you will create.

Communicate frequently

Once you know you customer, it could be important to connect with them through media channels such as social media, email, trade shows and focus groups. You can choose to send a personalized postcard. A quality blog should also be a way to create a positive flow of communication. Responding to emails quickly creates a bigger depth of trust, fast responses shows that you are deeply concerned with their needs.

Posting Frequently and staying active on social media, this includes sites like Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp groups. This strategy ensures that you reach a massive potential audience. Such a page should have your followers engaged and helping to keep conversations going. Social media can act as a great tool for customer service too because you can respond to any customer questions or reservations directly.

Meet them face-to-face

At some point, it becomes a wise decision to step away from your smartphone or computer and meet your customer face-to-face. Meetings are the best ways a business can establish relationships with decision makers. Meeting customers personally is a great follow-up method to enhance your customer relationship.

Startups today do not come up with an entirely different product. All they do is providing better customer services. The best way to offer the best customer services is to connect with your customers. You will make your customer happy by focusing on them instead of just your product.